What is Boater Rewards?

Boater Rewards Association is a membership association dedicated to helping boaters get the most out of their time on the water. Annual membership includes access to insurance coverages, towing and refueling services, trailer roadside, and ramp support and marine vendor discounts.

How do I become a Boater Rewards member?

Membership is available to Global Marine Insurance clients. If you are interested in a marine insurance quote and membership, click here or call 800.748.0224. 

What is included in my Boater Rewards membership?
Your membership provides you with additional insurance coverage options, marine vendor discounts delivered via our e-newsletter, and a direct connection to Sea Tow resources, including dispatch for towing, refueling, and roadside service. Find the details here.
How long does my membership last?

A Boater Rewards membership is valid for one full year after it is purchased. Your renewal date is 365 days after your initial membership is processed. Boater Rewards members can join at any time, and start receiving perks immediately after sign up.

What does a Boater Rewards membership cost?

Membership is only available to Global Marine Insurance policyholders, out of pocket cost is $20.

What benefits are available to me locally?

All of the Boater Rewards benefits are available nationwide. Additional boat insurance coverage is available to all Boater Rewards members in the United States. Marine vendor discounts can be used online. Sea Tow dispatch services will either send local Sea Tow support or seek out a local alternative and arrange to have them assist you.

How do I redeem my Boater Rewards benefits?
  1. Marine vendor discount codes arrive in the email newsletter and can be utilized in stores or online.  
  2. To reach Sea Tow dispatch call 844.400.2792.
  3. Marine insurance coverage options are discussed after submitting a quote online or contacting a Global Marine Insurance agent at 844-400-2792.
Do I need a rewards or points card to access my Boater Rewards Benefits?

No, you do not need a rewards or points card to access benefits, nor will you need to accrue points to redeem perks. All members receive the same benefits. 

Do I need to log into the website?

After listening to member feedback, we have redesigned the website and member newsletter. All information regarding your services is available in your welcome email and regular email newsletter. There’s no longer a need to log in anywhere.

What communications will I receive from Boater Rewards?

You’ll receive a welcome email and ongoing monthly email newsletters, featuring the latest boating information and stories from across the nation. You’ll also receive reminders regarding the codes for the marine vendor discounts and general communication with updates about your membership.

What is a PBC or Public Benefit Corporation?

Boater Rewards is proud to be a public benefit corporation (PBC). A Public Benefit Corporation is a type of for-profit company that has the flexibility to work towards a greater mission benefiting the public. Boater Rewards’ mission is to provide members with benefits, resources, and information to enhance their boating experience.

My question isn't listed here. How do I contact someone at Boater Rewards? Your Options:

1. Visit for more info.
2. Call the managing partners at Global Marine Insurance 800-748-0224. 
3. Email for coverage and membership status and billing questions.
4. Email for vendor discounts, website, and e-newsletter questions.