24/7 Towing Dispatch

Receive expert on-water and roadside boat assistance when you need it – timely tow, fuel delivery, or jump-start. Call 844-400-2792, and the Sea Tow team will dispatch a professional to assist you with on-water towing or roadside service. 

Sea Tow membership benefits include:

  • Service on every boat you own – no matter who is driving
  • Service on any vessel you charter, rent, lease or borrow
  • No need to file a claim or request reimbursement
  • Towing from your home dock to a repair facility
  • Access to Sea Tow Savings Clubs for fuel discounts, rental cars & more!
  • Plus, FREE covered ungrounding, jump starts, boat towing, and fuel deliveries!


How it Works

  • If you want assistance, call 844-400-2792.
  • Sea Tow will send their vessel, or another reputable tow provider to help you. Or, if you’re roadside and need help with your boat trailer, Sea Tow will send a service provider from within their network.
  • You pay the tow or roadside provider directly.
  • Boater Rewards will quickly assist you in getting the claim filed with your insurance company.
    • If you utilized a Sea Tow vessel, Sea Tow will send us the receipts directly
    • If you received service from a partner company, send us the receipt, and we take it from there.


Note: Global Marine Insurance insures most of our members. Our partnership with them helps expedite the claims filing process. 

Marine Vendor Discounts 

We use our relationships with marine vendors to provide you with savings on marine products and services. There’s no need to create passwords, download an app, or carry a card or coupon book. You’ll receive the discount codes in your inbox via your initial welcome e-mail and reminders in the e-newsletters. Some vendors, like Boat Owners Warehouse, have physical locations where you can shop with your discount. All the vendors have online ordering so you can shop from the comfort of your home (or yacht). 

Insurance Benefits

Boater Rewards members receive access to exclusive coverages through our partner Global Marine Insurance Agency at no additional cost.

The coverages include:
Additional Repair (Repair Guarantee): Previous repairs that fail have no additional deductible.
Extended Parts Replacement: Covers outdrives, outboards, and internal mechanical/electrical components at replacement cost for parts up to 10 years old.
$2500 Rental Reimbursement: Coverage for renting or chartering another boat if yours sustains a covered loss.
$250 Reduced Electronics Deductible: Instead of paying the higher standard boat deductible